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Since inception, West Acre has designed top-to bottom renovations and new builds to one-room transformations  -and everything in between.   West Acre is a full service interior design studio that supports a variety of different project types including

- top-to-bottom renovations

- new builds

- branded commercial spaces

Since inception, West Acre has transformed homes and commercial spaces into timeless and beautiful spaces.  




All West Arce projects - regardless of scale or scope - begin with an initial consultation.  Design is a team sport so it is very important that we both feel we have a strong connection and an aligned approach.  This consultation is the first step to build a productive working relationship

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Residential: New Construction + Renovations

This will be a description of your full service interior design services. Include a simple, concise description of each service, keeping in mind who it is for. You'll be able to go in more detail in the pop-up space where you click to view more details. 

This will likely include everything from paint and fixture selections to furniture sourcing and accessory styling. Walk the client through your process by writing your process out in paragraph form to describe your interior design services. 

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Bespoke Commercial Spaces

This will be a description of your new construction or remodel interior design services. We suggest outlining when you'd come into the process (hint: it should be before they hire a contractor or even an architect!) as well as explaining why that saves time and money in the long run.



You can write your process out in paragraph form or outline it in bullet point form. We really love a combination of both to describe your interior design services.

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