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Our Purpose

 You deserve to love your space.

At West Acre, we believe every client and project is unique - and each interior should be too.

 ...cookie cutters are just for cookies...


 At West Acre, we value simplicity and well-curated spaces, 

free of trends and distractions.   We thoughtfully edit our designs to create effortless interiors that stand the test of time. 



  • Phase I: Consultation
    All West Acre projects, regardless of scope or scale, begin with a working consultation to ensure we have a strong connection. Determining this connection is key - as this is the foundation of a solid working relationship and, ultimately, a successful space. The consultation is the first step to build a productive working relationship.
  • Phase II: Concept
    At West Acre, we believe the best projects have a direct and expressive through-line. When the site, exterior and interior are well aligned magic happens - a space feels whole, balanced and calm. During the concept phase, we clearly define this through-line and use it to inform all future design decisions.
  • Phase III: Design Development
    During this phase we curate design ideas and the space begins to take shape; we create preliminary plans, 3D renderings and specifications showcasing the ever-important concept.
  • Phase IV: Construction Documentation
    Once the details of the design have been finalized, we produce the drawings required to tender and construct the interiors of your project.
  • Phase V: Construction Liaison
    Throughout the construction process, West Acre works with you, your general contractor and the skilled tradespeople, to answer questions, resolve unforeseen issues and address any required changes.
  • Phase VI: Furniture, Art and Accessories
    During the final phase of the process, West Acre selects furniture and accessories for your home. We order, track, store, install and style your space. This phase transforms a house into your home.
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Our Work


 clean lines + inviting palettes

thoughtful layers + bold textures

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"Thank you.  You are the most outstanding service provider we have ever had!"
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